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Grooming Policies and Procedures

These policies are strictly enforced; put in place for the safety, well-being and the best interest of your pet and our staff. 

 Matted Pets:  Pets who are matted may have to be shaved down depending on the severity of the matting. IF possible and the owner wants the mats brushed out; there will be a $15.00 De-Mat Fee for every 15mins of brushing. Matts can cause a series of issues to your pets skin and health.  These issues may be bruising of the skin, hot-spots, hematomas and odors.  WE DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE THE GROOM. "Humanity Before Vanity"

Flea and Ticks:  All pets will be treated with a NATURAL FLEA AND TICK SHAMPOO during the grooming process if fleas are detected.  The salon will be sanitized and sprayed down for fleas to make sure other pets won't catch them. Owners will be notified and the charges will be added to their bill. 

Cancellations/Lateness:  As a courtesy we call our clients the day before their grooming visit as a friendly reminder and kindly ask to call us back if they are running late or need to cancel.  For clients that are running 15min late there will be a $20 fee added to your visit. For clients running 30min late there will be a $30 fee paid up front, and the possibility of rescheduling to a new date and time.

 This not only inconveniences our groomers; making it hard to keep on track with appointment times, it's an inconvenience to our other clients who showed up to their appointment on time. 

Senior Pets and Pets with Pre-Existing Conditions and Illnesses:  These pets have a greater chance of INJURY or DEATH during their grooming experience.  Every effort will be made to make sure your Senior pet or Pet with pre-existing condition's grooming experience is as safe and as comfortable as possible. 
Extra time may be needed for the grooming processes to be comfortable and safe.  Muzzling  may also be required during their visit, since animals that have pre-existing conditions or illnesses have lower tolerance levels.  Muzzling is only done when necessary to ensure the safety of both the pet and the groomer. 

Difficult/Aggressive Pets:  These pets also have a greater chance of INJURY; to themselves and to the groomers.  We suggest going to the vet to get medications before attempting the grooming process.   We may also ask that the owner be present while their pet is being groomed, to help assist in a safe and calm grooming experience.   
K9 Couture Pet Grooming LLC and their Groomers have the right to STOP/REFUSE service to pets that are ill with pre-existing conditions, senior pets, and aggressive pets, if felt that the grooming process will cause STRESS or be HARMFUL to the animal or groomer. 

K9 Couture Pet Grooming LLC and their Groomers WILL NOT be held responsible for DEATH or INJURY of ANY ANIMAL during the grooming process or while in the care of K9 Couture Pet Grooming.  Injury Financial burdens will be the responsibility of the owner.
Concerns about your service need to be addressed within 5 days of your grooming visit.


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